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I found this idea in my “in box” this morning and I think it is too cool!

In today’s world, everyone is concerned with our environment. One small change that can make a BIG impact is to reduce or eliminate our use of plastic bags. A lot of the stores are now selling their reusable bags for about $0.99 each. That’s really not so bad BUT…how can we be more thrifty? Here’s how:
Make your own T-shirt bag out of your old t-shirts!
Isn’t this neat? You can find the directions on how to make your very own HERE

I think this will be a little summer project for me 😉

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Comical Coupon Cents hosts Thrifty Thursday. Pop over to see other thrifty ideas and savings and post your own. We love to see how everyone is saving money!
I made a trip to Food Lion this week and picked up a few items. I can’t find my receipt but I’ll try to give a good account.

I got the bananas (don’t remember the exact cost), apples ($0.99 per lb), lettuce ($0.99), donuts ($2.99) and FL wipes ($1.49)

I had two FL coupons to use. (1) for $1.50 off FL wipes and (1) for up to $4.99 any bakery item.
The cashier scanned in both and had to do an over ride because the prices didn’t match exactly. She took off $1.50 for the wipes making them FREE and she took off the entire $4.99 off the donuts. That was an overage of $2.00! I am sure this was a fluke, but I’m not gonna complain about the savings!

Total OOP: $2.50!

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I guess (if you are still around reading) you’ve seen my lack of posting on my frugal purchases. Why the lack of posts? Well, I’ve just not been buying anything. Can you get any more thrifty than that? LOL!


Our Ice company has hit a lull since we’ve been having cool, wet weather and, of course, that affects our finances. We’ve also had to pay out some VERY unexpected bills. One was replacing the windshield of our ice truck after kids threw a rock through it and Two was replacing a tire that blew out on the ice truck when DH was delivering ice this week.


We’ve just been eating out of the pantry for a while. I did go to CVS earlier this week and I got 1 pack of Huggies diapers, 1 pack of Plushies wipes and 1 CVS version of Tylenol. I paid $4.60 OOP and got back $3.99 for the medicine. I hope to get a few more items from CVS to build up to the $25 so I can get the ECB’s.

My daughters need shoes for my sisters wedding that is coming up in May. I had my nearly 5 yr old with me today and we popped in Target and found a deal. The cutest white, MaryJane shoes with pretty little flowers across the strap for $4.49!!!! They were just her size and she loved them. We grabbed those bad boys in a hurry 😉

Later I made a Walmart run to pick up sodas, syrup, cinnamon danish, and butter. I spent under $8.00 OOP.


We’re hosting a Ben 10 party this Sunday and even those snack foods will come from the pantry. We’re going to have pizza rolls, popcorn, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Crazy combo, but the kids just want snacks and this is what my son requested.


It’s been so nice knowing that we had everything we needed already at home and I didn’t have to burden my DH with asking him for grocery money while things are tight.




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