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For this “Frugal Friday” I have a question for you????

Is it more cost effective to use an dishwasher or to hand wash and dry your dishes?
Do you know? Do you have an opinion? I’d love to know what you think 🙂

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My frugal tip comes because my daughter “J” is having her 8th birthday this Sunday.
Back when my first child was born, I bought birthday cakes from the bakery. Ouch! Then when my second child came along, I lost my mind and bought a special made cake for her first birthday from the expensive bakery here in town. Can you believe they charged me $10 just to make it chocolate instead of the standard yellow?
Well, I began making their cakes and I couldn’t believe how easy it can be!
I used a boxed cake mix that I pick up at Wal Mart for $0.88. You can also pick these up when they are on sale and you have a coupon and can pick them up for lots less.
I also make my own butter cream icing. All it is is powdered sugar, Crisco, butter and milk. You can find the recipe online.
I’ve never taken a cake class. I’d love to, but I just don’t have the time. I’ve learned as I’ve gone along.
Here is my most recent cake. I was for my son “A’s” 10th birthday in February
Would you like to see more of the birthday cakes?
Click HERE for “A’s” cakes
Click HERE for “J’s” cakes
Click HERE for “K’s” cakes
Click HERE for “D’s” cakes
The kids just love planning their frugal birthday cakes! It’s a big deal around here to pick out the design they want and have mom make the cake.
It’s frugal and it’s PRICELESS!!

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