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I decided to make a little CVS trip Monday night.
Here’s what I got:

(4) Soft Soap Spa Body Wash – $5.49 each
(1) Speed Stick 24/7 – $3.99
(1) 100 count cotton balls – $1.69

I used (4) $1.00 / 1 coupons for the Soft Soaps
(1) $0.75 / 1 for the deodorant

I paid using $10.00 Extra Care Bucks

Total OOP: $13.95

Total Saved: $14.75

ECB’s Earned: $25.95


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CVS Trip – Teacher Gifts

I picked up these items today from CVS. I’m going to use them as end of the year teacher gifts for my kids teachers. Each gift (including bag) cost me $1.56 each. Here’s what I did:
CVS is having a special where if you buy 3 items of the Essence of Beauty line you get $5 in ECB’s. My store had several of the body wash, hand wash, hand cream and lotion on sale 50% off. I made 2 transactions.
Transaction #1:
(2) Essence of Beauty Hand Soap = $2.50 each
(2) Essence of Beauty Hand Cream = $2.50 each
(2) Essence of Beauty gift bag w/ tissue = $1.49 each
Total: $12.98
Paid with $10 ECB’s from the baby deal last week
Total OOP $3.12 (includes sales tax)
Got back $10 in ECB’s
Transaction #2
(2) Essence of Beauty Hand Soap = $2.50 each
(2) Essence of Beauty Hand Cream = $2.50 each
(2) Essence of Beauty gift bag w/ tissue = $1.49 each
Total : $12.98
Paid with the $10 ECB’s from Transaction #1
Total OOP $3.12 (includes sales tax)
Got back $10 in ECB’s
Not too bad, huh? $1.56 each for teacher gifts.
Frugal gift giving, PRICELESS!!

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“J’s” Birthday Cakes

As promised, here are “J’s” birthday cakes…

She was 2 when I started making her cakes and she was SO into Teletubbies…

Next was a Cinderella party and we had Cinderella’s castle…

Well, if Cinderella had a castle then our 4 year old princess needed her own castle too…

For her 5 year old party, she wanted lots of balloons and a balloon cake…we did a “cupcake cake” for this…

Birthday #6 was Strawberry Shortcake…(not my best cake…I was short of creativity)

Last year she wanted a rainbow cake. We also did rainbow cupcakes for her school friends

Her next birthday is this March. She has requested a Hannah Montana cake. Wonder how that one will turn out?

(*note…I am not a professional cake maker. I’ve never taken decorating classes. These cakes aren’t perfect but they are full of love 😉 

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“A’s” Birthday Cakes

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would try and post pictures of the birthday cakes I have done. Tonight I’m posting the ones I have done for my son, “A”. I began doing this when he was turing 4 years old. He was into “Buzz Lightyear” at the time so here is his Buzz cake….

For birthday #5 we have Power Rangers…

Birthday #6 was Spiderman…

For birthday #7 he had a karate party. He had just earned his orange belt so of course his schools mascot “Hurri the Huricane” had to have an orange belt, too…

Birthday #8 was Yu-Gi-Oh. Don’t be too impressed with the topper….the design was a plastic cake topper but boy is it cool looking!

Birthday #9 The “Colts” had just won the Super Bowl and he is a big Peyton Manning fan. We had a simple version of a football cake…

This years cake…#10…. was Star Wars and I posted a picture ealier so I won’t re-do it here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my cakes. Tomorrow I’ll post the ones I did for my daugher, “J”.

Bye for now…


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Super Savings Saturday ~ CVS ~

I’ve been wanting to participate in the Super Savings Saturday and now I finally can!
Here’s what I did this week at CVS. I began with no ECB’s.
(*OOP ~ stands for “out of pocket”)
(*EBC ~ stands for “Extra Care Bucks”)
Transaction #1 :
(5) CVS children’s asprin – $8.95

SC Tax $ 0.54

Total OOP $9.49

Received $8.95 ECB’s

Transaction #2 :
Kotex tampons 2 / $ 5.00
Huggies $ 8.99
Huggies $ 8.99
Huggies $ 8.99
SC Tax $ 1.62
TOTAL: $ 33.59
Coupons Used:
CVS Q – $ 4 / $20
Huggies Manf Q – $ 2.00
Huggies Manf Q – $ 1.50
Huggies Manf Q – $ 1.50
Kotex Manf Q – $ 1.00
CVS ECB from Trans #1 – $ 8.95
Total OOP: $14.64
Received $15.00 ECB
Transaction  #3
Kotex 2 / $ 5.00
Viva 8-pk $ 6.49
Rompers Diapers $ 14.99
SC Tax $ 00.78
Total $ 27.26
Coupons Used:
Kotex manf Q – $ 1.00
Rompers Manf Q – $ 2.00
Rompers CVS Q – $ 3.00
CVS $4/$20 Q – $ 4.00
CVS ECB from #2 – $ 15.00
Total OOP $2.26
For Monday, I spent $26.39 and saved $63.39. (I hope all this made sense) :0)

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