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 My Frugal Friday post is sort of a “not so frugal” post. It is very important to keep your self organized when it comes to money…spending it, making it and saving it. Let me tell you what I did…

 I was participating in a survey that lasted for several weeks. I was to try a product answer 2 surveys, try another product and answer 2 more surveys. At the end I would be paid $30. Great, right? Well, yeah if you REMEMBER TO ANSWER THE SURVEY QUICKLY! I didn’t answer my 3rd email fast enough and it closed. If you don’t answer all 4 surveys you don’t get paid. STINK! I was  so excited about that $30! Well, on the bright side, we did get to try this product for free and we have really enjoyed it. It was an edible product…yum!

I have done several surveys  since I found out about them this month and I’ve already been paid $8, $3, and $3. I’ve also just been selected to start my first mystery shop. I’ll make $10 for that job.  All in all I think the surveys and mystery shops are great things.

My Frugal Friday Tip?  Give surveys and mystery shopping a try! And if you do,

remember to stay on top of things. Don’t miss a deadline or it could be very costly 😦

Lesson learned…on to better things 🙂

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“D’s” Cakes

Well, Mr. D has only had 1 birthday so far. He didn’t get to choose what it would be, mom did!

I also made a “Smash Cake” for him (you know, the ones the baby gets to smash into without yucking up the real cake LOL!)

In May he’ll be 2 and he’ll be having a Blue’s Clues cake. Of course I’ll post pictures.

I’ll be back tomorrow to post some of the pictures of the cakes I have done for other people….

(*note I am not a professional cake decorator. I have never taken decorating classes. These cakes aren’t perfect but they are made with lots of love 😉

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“K’s” birthday cakes

Now we have “K’s” cakes. So far I’ve only done two for her.

First one for her was when she turned 3 and she wanted a “Hello Kitty” cake…


Last year she wanted a Barbie cake and she wanted her in a green dress…


She is requesting a Pokemon cake for her 5th birthday in June….We’ll see :0)

(* note I am not a professional cake decorator. I have never taken decorating classes. These cakes may not be perfect but they were made with lots of love 😉

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“J’s” Birthday Cakes

As promised, here are “J’s” birthday cakes…

She was 2 when I started making her cakes and she was SO into Teletubbies…

Next was a Cinderella party and we had Cinderella’s castle…

Well, if Cinderella had a castle then our 4 year old princess needed her own castle too…

For her 5 year old party, she wanted lots of balloons and a balloon cake…we did a “cupcake cake” for this…

Birthday #6 was Strawberry Shortcake…(not my best cake…I was short of creativity)

Last year she wanted a rainbow cake. We also did rainbow cupcakes for her school friends

Her next birthday is this March. She has requested a Hannah Montana cake. Wonder how that one will turn out?

(*note…I am not a professional cake maker. I’ve never taken decorating classes. These cakes aren’t perfect but they are full of love 😉 

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“A’s” Birthday Cakes

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would try and post pictures of the birthday cakes I have done. Tonight I’m posting the ones I have done for my son, “A”. I began doing this when he was turing 4 years old. He was into “Buzz Lightyear” at the time so here is his Buzz cake….

For birthday #5 we have Power Rangers…

Birthday #6 was Spiderman…

For birthday #7 he had a karate party. He had just earned his orange belt so of course his schools mascot “Hurri the Huricane” had to have an orange belt, too…

Birthday #8 was Yu-Gi-Oh. Don’t be too impressed with the topper….the design was a plastic cake topper but boy is it cool looking!

Birthday #9 The “Colts” had just won the Super Bowl and he is a big Peyton Manning fan. We had a simple version of a football cake…

This years cake…#10…. was Star Wars and I posted a picture ealier so I won’t re-do it here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my cakes. Tomorrow I’ll post the ones I did for my daugher, “J”.

Bye for now…


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Good Trip to Ingles Tonight

Well, I finally made it to Ingles tonight. I got 4 bags of Kibbles n Bits, 5 cans of Mighty Dog dog food, 4 pks crescent rolls, and 1 Dukes Mayo. They were out of the cinnamon rolls so I wasn’t able to pick those up tonight. Hopefully I’ll get them later this week.

Total OOP: $10.79

Saved: $20.51

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Ingles 2/24-3/1


I was looking at the Ingles ad for this week and found a few deals I think I’m going to pick up. I don’t see much on the world wide web about Ingles deals, so I thought I’d post the items I’m interested in picking up.

Dukes Mayo ~ 2/ $5.00

Kibbles N Bits Dog Food ~ BOGO ~ 2/$4.76   or 1/$2.38 ~ -$1.00 manf Q = $1.38 each

Tilapia Filets ~ BOGO 2 / $4.98

Pillsbury 5-ct cinnamon rolls 5/$5 or 1/$1 – $.30 manf Q (Ingles will double) = $.40 each

Pillsbury 4-ct crescent rolls $5/$5 or 1/$1 – $.25 manf Q (Infles will double) = $.50 each

Mighty Dog Select Menu dog food – FREE (1) can manf coupon in this weeks inserts

Hopefully this time my scenario will work out better than it did for Publix on Sunday. LOL!

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